3D meets industrial metal applications

Metal 3D printing like you thought impossible.
The equivalent of a digital foundry at your service.

Fully dense metal parts:

When you need them

The size you need them

In the quantities you need them

  • Metal additive manufacturing in Air.

  • Metal parts can be produced in Minutes.

  • No Binder, No Sintering and in many cases, No Melting.

  • Metals processed with Powder, Rod and Wire feedstock.

  • Few restrictions in Size and Materials.

  • Pre- and Post-Processing in-house.

  • Competitive with traditional manufacturing.

For many years, the disruptive potential of additive manufacturing has been recognized but it seemed the technology did not live up to expectations, especially in metals. Producing three-dimensional metal parts has always been a complex process. By the time a manufacturing plant or machine shop has metal raw material to process its products, the metal has seen countless processing steps beginning with extracting the ore all the way to becoming feedstock.

This complexity has required:

  • Mass production vs Customization ability.
  • Production of large quantities vs Just what is needed.
  • Material size limitations vs Size flexibility.
  • Geometric constraints vs Geometric freedom.

Until now.

Advances in materials science, additive manufacturing, software development and automation have combined the knowledge of well-known metal manufacturing processes like machining, heat treatment and welding, with lesser-known but extensively tested technologies like Cold Spray and Friction Welding to start taking Metal AM to the prominent manufacturing position it deserves. Technically and broadly catalogued under the Directed Energy Deposition label and in line with Industry 4.0, our Metal AM technologies push forward the envisioned manufacturing revolution.

Once unthinkable geometries and material properties are now available to industry in the quantities, sizes and timeframes required. We use cutting-edge technologies built upon the foundation of decades-old metal and manufacturing expertise. This is nothing short of a revolution.


to the era of 3D in Metal.  

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