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For many years, the disruptive potential for additive manufacturing has been recognized but it seemed the technology did not live up to expectations, especially in metals. Producing three-dimensional metal parts has always been a complex process. By the time a manufacturing plant or machine shop has metal raw material to process its products, the metal has seen countless processing steps beginning with extracting the ore all the way to becoming feedstock.

This complexity has required:

  • Mass production vs Customization ability.
  • Production of large quantities vs Just what is needed.
  • Material size limitations vs Size flexibility.

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CSAM is an active field of research around the world:
The Advanced Manufacturing Alliance at Charles Darwin University in Australia says that SPEE3D’s technology combines the advantages of Cold Spray, 3D Printing and metal casting in one solution.


No, it uses metal powder propelled at a speed much faster than the speed of sound to achieve metal bonding.

No, only metal powder. There is no need for a de-binding step nor is sintering necessary to produce fully dense, functional metal parts.

There is no theoretical size limitation for CSAM. However, because metal powders and automated equipment are involved, there are optimal part sizes and weights.

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